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The victorious moon: An analysis of the 12th general election results in Kelantan and the future prospects of PAS

Waiting for the results on the streets of Kota Bharu. Photo by Danny Lim. By Farish A. Noor THE overwhelming victory of PAS in Kelantan deserves some degree of analysis and reflection. This commentary is based on observations made by myself and Danny Lim of during our 10-day stay in Kelantan (and Terengganu), where [...]

A story of hope

By Shanon Shah A wonderful story can now be told. Last Saturday (March 8), Malaysians emerged in droves to make their voices heard, to make their decisions count at the ballot box. The Barisan Nasional (BN) government was ultimately returned to power, but with a shocking failure to retain its two-thirds majority – shocking because, [...]

Teh, tosai and ‘Uncle, what’s your opinion?’

By Beth Yahp IT’s March 7, eve of the elections. I’m at my usual morning teh tarik corner shop in Bangsar, the New Straits Times [NST] under my arm, making my way to a table out back where I can eat with elbow room, watch people and catch up on the news. It’s my favourite [...]

Longkang Politicians vs Web 2.0

By Tony Savarimuthu The best spin-doctors I’ve seen throughout this election season are probably the guys who were earnestly fresh-tarring the perfectly good road in front of my house. While there are serious issues being debated on whether or not the soul of the country is being usurped by corruption, crime bosses or constitutional misdemeanours, [...]

How will we vote?

The influence of Temperament “Yet his temperament really gives him a stronger bias than any of his more strictly objective premises.” William James IF the last article gave you some insights into the characteristics of each of the four Temperaments – Stabilisers, Improvisers, Theorists and Catalysts – and the kind of Temperament some of our [...]