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The Nut Graph

Hi. The Nut Graph news site begins publishing on 15 August 2008. Please go to to read more! There will be no more new postings on Malaysia Votes. Please do not post any comments on Malaysia Votes either, as given our current limited resources, we are unable to moderate and upload them. Our apologies [...]

Check out The Nut Graph

To be launched in August 2008, our much-awaited news site promises to provide insightful analysis into the news in and outside of Malaysia. Featuring seasoned journalists and well-known columnists, The Nut Graph will connect the dots for readers to make sense of politics and pop culture.

Seeking Justice and Equality: Chandra Muzaffar replies

IT is sad that Jules Ong has not really understood my position on justice and equality in Malaysia. For almost 40 years now, I have argued in my writings and speeches that the nation’s historical background is an essential prerequisite for understanding justice and equality in contemporary Malaysia. If Malaysians of Chinese and Indian origin [...]

Making sense of the 2008 general election results

[Updated at 12.15pm, March 9, 2008] AFTER 13 days of heated campaigning, ceramahs running late into the night and plenty of promises from the candidates, Malaysians cast their ballots on March 8. The results that have come in indicate a milestone in the history of Malaysian elections. talks to several political observers to try [...]

Malaysia votes

MALAYSIANS go to the polls today (March 8). They will elect their representatives and determine who they want to form the government in the next five years, at the state as well as federal levels. The ballots they cast also represent their views on how the nation has been governed since the last general election [...]