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“Oghe chinoh kelate cukup luar beseh”

By Danny Lim [email protected] KOTA BHARU: Where Kelantanese Malays can’t stop offering their opinions on politics, regardless of whether they’re asked, the Chinese community here is rather reticent, even when pushed. In a vastly Malay state, Chinese voters make up no more than 5% of the electorate in all but three parliamentary constituencies: Kota Bharu, [...]

Islamic Theme Park Fails to Impress

By Farish A. Noor The Islam Hadhari theme park in Kuala Trengganu is no ordinary children’s playground. Photos by Danny Lim.   THE merry-go-round is painted in bright hues of pink, yellow, green and blue; the slides and rides shine in the sun as the little girl contemplates which of the two plastic horses to [...]

Vying for the wealth of Kelantan

By Danny Lim [email protected] KOTA BHARU: PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa has claimed that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) own assessment of voter sentiments in Kelantan revealed that PAS has the edge in at least 26 out of 45 state seats and 10 out of 14 parliamentary seats. However, the Kota Bharu Umno division chief secretary Zulkifli [...]

The Battle in Kinta Valley

By Cindy Tham [email protected] The crowd braves the rain to hear the DAP ceramah in Wisma Chin Woo, Ipoh, on Feb 29. Photos by Cindy Tham. IPOH: Like the rain that was pouring relentlessly, the number of people huddled under their umbrellas outside Wisma Chin Woo here on Feb 29 continued to grow into the [...]

Another Country, Another Election

by Farish A. Noor [Updated with correction at 9.02pm, March 6, 2008] The 4,000-strong crowd at the PAS ceramah in Kota Bharu on March 3 night. Photos by Danny Lim.   TUAN Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat looked a little grey and fuzzy on the videocam screen of the Special Branch (SB) officer who stood [...]