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In the interest of fairness, accuracy and accountability, all contributions – whether comments, articles, letters to the editor or photos – should as much as possible adhere to the following guidelines:

For general comments:

Keep your comments relevant and stay on topic. Try to keep your comments brief and to the point.

Please be constructive and polite. There is room for civil debate, but please debate the ideas. Personal attacks, rants and profanities will not be tolerated.

Do not make any defamatory or disparaging comments which might damage the reputation of a person or organisation.

Please make it easier for everyone to digest your ideas by reviewing your comment for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and above all, coherence.

No advertising or spamming or marketing messages of any kind (whether promoting yourself or a third party).

Keep within the law. Avoid contempt of court. That means not posting anything that risks prejudicing ongoing or forthcoming court proceedings.

For On the Ceramah Trail contributions:

Please indicate your full name and provide us with your e-mail address and contact number so that we can clarify any points we are unclear about with you.

If you would like to use a pseudonym, please let us know, but we will still need to know who you are so we know whose views are being represented on our site, even if readers don’t.

Please provide accurate information about which ceramah you attended, where and when it was held, and who the speakers were. Please quote any candidate you write about accurately.

Using vulgarities or making allegations which cannot be proven against a candidate or political party cannot and will not be entertained.

Please refrain from just ranting and raving. Intelligent and well-argued views are more likely to be listened to and heard than angry high-pitched voices. Well-made arguments and observations also serve us all better and helps move the discussion forward in a constructive manner. reserves the right to publish at our discretion. Additionally, we will not publish uncorroborated claims of any kind. Investigations of claims will only be conducted wherever feasible within the team’s limited resources.

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