Election and Campaign Period

Parliament was dissolved on Feb 13 in 2008. Nomination of candidates will be held on Feb 24 and polling on March 8. What’s significant about these dates from a number’s point of view?

Firstly, at 25 days, the 2008 election will have the longest election period – beginning from the dissolution of Parliament right up to polling day – since after 1982. The longest ever election period was nearly five months, under the British in 1955. Post-independence, the election period was then reduced to 54 days in the 1959 elections. The period has been shortened through the years. In the 2004 elections, the election period was 19 days.

The campaign period – beginning from nomination day until midnight the eve of polling day – for 2008 will be 13 days. This is the longest campaigning period since after the 1982 elections. In 1955, the British allowed a 42-day campaign period. In the 2004 elections, campaigning was reduced to eight days only, the shortest in our history since 1955.

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