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MalaysiaVotes.com is a free news site that was created with minimum resources to cover the 2008 general election. Drawing on the collective training and experience of three seasoned journalists – Cindy Tham, Danny Lim and Jacqueline Ann Surin – the news site aims, wherever possible, to provide news about the main issues that the nation is grappling with as we go to the polls, as well as news on the elections that would not gain either the attention of or fair coverage from the traditional media in Malaysia.

MalaysiaVotes.com will specifically report news and the mood from the ground in the following areas:

  • hot seats: whether it’s the big fight up in Penang between the DAP and Gerakan or the challenge Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu will face in Sungai Siput post-Hindraf rally, MalaysiaVotes.com will report on what the issues are, what the candidates are promising, and what mood the electorate are in.
  • the fight in rural Kelantan: Danny Lim promises to keep urban, Internet-connected readers in touch with what goes on during the election campaign in the kampungs of Kelantan where Umno will slug it out with PAS. This coverage will demonstrate how Malaysia is a complex nation with diverse interests, terrains and political persuasions.
  • noteworthy independent candidates (if any): charting the independent’s trail will give readers a sense of what independent candidates are offering, how they are bucking the trend of political party politics, and the challenges an individual faces should s/he decide to contest in an election.

Additionally, MalaysiaVotes.com will provide picture essays; video reports where possible; analysis and commentaries by Cindy, Danny and Jacqueline or expert political observers; and facts about the elections that will answer questions such as how much it costs to run in an election, and why Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim cannot contest because the election is being held before April 2008.

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  1. Congratulations on your launch!

  2. ContractorclassA

    He guys, this is excellent. Keep up your hard but good work. God bless you.

  3. Chauncey Gardener

    Congratulations on the launch of your website. I shall get more eye-balls looking at your site for news and stories.

  4. Wish you guys well.
    What happens to you people after the elections?
    Another website or do you go back to theSun to work for Vincent Tan.

  5. nice to see all of you here. i’ve stopped reading theSun ever since the change of ownership. i will be looking forward to the news and updates on the election even though the outcome is inevitable unfortunately (pessimist) sigh*

    “as is” ladies and gentlemen

  6. well done, exactly what we need!

  7. Lost in Translation

    Congratulations! Another avenue for news deprived Malaysians. Hopefully from a true Malaysian angle. Now what is a true Malaysian angle is yet to be determined. Is it we hold this truth to be self evidence that all races are created equal ……..

  8. Congratulations guys. Have informed my friends about your launch. This is exactly what we need!

  9. keep it up, you guys have done a great job

  10. well done… i will need to advertise this site…

  11. Jac, I always read your column in the Sun. Great to see you guys in this venture. All the best!

  12. Hey cool site.

    I will put your guys in our feed and resources.
    Keep it up in creating a level playing field for all.

  13. Great stuff… I found out from one of the editors from the Edge and at first glance.. looks good.

    Wish you guys all the best… always wanted to write and I guess you folks picked the right topic politics…

  14. Great stuff – this’ll be my morning read on the general elections till the fat lady sings. Tahniah for setting up this blog!

  15. I hope u give equal coverage to all parties

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